physical properties recycle/recyclable
sound Materials
For student teams
variety of recyclable materials
o cardboard boxes, empty tissue boxes, egg cartons, and cardboard tubes
o plastic containers and lids
o cans
o large and small plastic bottles with or without lids
items for creating musical instruments
o rubber bands
o string
o cups
o spoons
o beans
o plastic eggs
o wax paper
o construction paper
o markers and crayons
o craft supplies (balloons, chenille stems, craft sticks)
o tape
Advance Preparation
Collect recyclable materials before you teach this challenge. There are
recyclable materials collection posters included in the Appendix to help
with your collecting efforts.
Use your Internet browser to search for videos using the terms
“homemade instruments” and/or “children playing recycled instruments.”
Conduct this search prior to class to verify the content is appropriate for
the class and the challenge.
Suggested Time Frame
Ask, Imagine, and Plan: 45 minutes; may be broken down over a few days
Create, Test, and Improve: 45–60 minutes for teams to build,
test, and improve their instruments
Evaluate: 3–5 minutes for each team to present and demonstrate
their instruments
The amount of time needed for this challenge may vary depending
on your students’ skills and research findings.
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