Suggested Resources Challenge 1: Bring Home the Bacon Grade Grade 2 2
VOCABULARY Beam : a horizontal structure that supports a load and resists bending Bridge : a structure designed to allow vehicles and people to move over an obstacle Deck : the surface of the bridge on which the vehicles and people travel Flexibility : the ability to bend or move Load : weight put onto a bridge; may come from gravity, wind, vehicles, and more Material(s) : the things used to build a bridge such as steel, concrete, wood, etc. Physical properties : characteristics used to describe objects Span : the length of the bridge; the space between the two supports of the bridge Support : a vertical structure that holds up the deck of a bridge Unstable : characteristic used to describe a bridge or a part of a bridge that falls apart, collapses, or is unable to support a load BOOKS Johmann, C. A., & Rieth, E. J. (2004, January 20). Bridges! Amazing structures to design, build & test. Charlotte, VT: Williamson Publishing. Prince, A. J. (2005, September 26). Twenty-one elephants and still standing. New York, NY: Houghton Mifflin Company. Simon, S. (2005). Bridges. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books LLC. Sturges, P. (1998, October 26). Bridges are to cross. New York, NY: G. P. Putnam’s Sons.
BEAM made with a horizontal beam and supported by piers
ARCH made of arches that support the bridge deck; naturally strong
SUSPENSION long bridges supported with a system of cables and towers
TRUSS made with a combination of triangles There are four types of bridges. Which type of bridge would be best for this challenge?
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