Suggested Resources Challenge 3: Don’t Be a Water Waster! Grade Grade K K CAMPAIGN SAMPLES Click It or Ticket: Helpful Resources Pack a waste-free lunch The More You Know: Topics
ARTICLE WaterSense for kids [Online article]. (n.d.). Retrieved from watersense-kids
BOOK Green, J. (2005). Why should I save water? (Why should I? Books) . Hauppauge, NY: B.E.S. Publishing.
WEBSITES/GAMES/INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES Preview each site before teaching the challenge to determine what you will share and what you will use for your reference. Virtual Tour—Save Our Water Water Conservation Resources For Kids
VIDEOS Use your Internet browser to search for videos using the terms “saving water” or “water conservation. Conduct this search prior to class to verify the content is appropriate for the class and the challenge. Kids quest videos [Video file]. (n.d.). Retrieved from Retrieved from corner/kids-quest-videos/
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