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Request for Copyright Exceptions

Because of the need to move content online and to provide printed resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are aware that users of our resources may need to post digital copies of our files within their learning management systems (LMS).

  1. Please complete the Request for Copyright Exceptions Form to be able to post Region 4 resources within learning management systems.

  2. To provide a signed form, you may

    1. Sign and scan the document. Please note that a typed name is not a signature.

    2. Save the document as a .pdf and provide a digital signature.

  3. Please email the completed, signed form to the appropriate department:

    1. math@esc4.net

    2. reading@esc4.net

    3. science@esc4.net

    4. socialstudies@esc4.net

Please note that such a request is not possible for Reading by Design. More information regarding this decision is included in the document.

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