DESIGN Challenge Card

Challenge 4: There Is an App for Class

Key Question

How do individuals generate ideas for apps?


The term “app” is short for “application,” a special type of software program that allows the user to

do something on their smart television, smart watch, smartphone, computer, or tablet. The number

of apps available to users is expanding at a rapid rate, and app technology often pushes the limits

of current technology. Consumers spent more than $100 billion in app downloads in 2018 and are

predicted to spend in excess of $150 billion by the year 2022 (Statista, 2020). This has led companies

that host platforms where users can download apps to establish strict guidelines in order to maintain

integrity of both their platform and community environment. App designers often use these guidelines

to guide their work when developing an app.

app planning process for all entrepreneurs, regardless of their age or experience.

There are many software programs available for creating apps that do not require developers to know

programming languages. In fact, there are even companies that will create the app based on the design

This challenge focuses on idea generation rather than app creation.

Design Challenge

proposal to solve a problem that many high school students face when understanding or accessing

content in the science or career and technical education (CTE) classroom.

CTE classroom; and have an interface that makes the user experience pleasant. The manner in which

the interface is communicated may include a sketch of the landing page as it would look on a device,

sheets for Apps for Education, LLC.

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