Distribute and explain the


: Decision-Making Matrix

to each team to assist them in evaluating

possible solutions against the criteria.

Instruct students to share their top two ideas using the sentence stems on the


: Window


document for team evaluation. Share the following sentence stems as an additional scaffold

as needed.

I think my team could solve this problem by . . .

My idea for solving this problem is . . .

Based on my research and understanding, I think we should . . .

Observe teams to assess and provide feedback on their collaboration, creativity, critical thinking,

and communication skills.

the tasks for this challenge.

Provide each team an

Assist teams in managing roles and help team members understand their responsibilities within

the challenge.


Project Manager

Quality Control Manager

Creative Design Manager (Note: In this challenge,

the Creative Design Manager supervises the

look and feel of the app and is in charge of the

interface and home screen.)

Information Specialist

Safety Manager


Our app will solve the problem of . . . by . . .

Our audience would like/not like this because . . .

The steps we will take are . . .

Our role assignments are . . .

Our app will need to do the following . . .

This idea will be used to complete the __________ section of the


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