Challenge 4: There Is an App for Class


things to consider when developing an app

questions to ask before designing an app

steps to follow when creating an app


Provide access to research materials such as the Internet, experts, artifacts, books, and magazines.

Describe the test process to students.


: Window Panes

document to each

student. Instruct students to use this graphic organizer to jot down up to nine ideas about their

design. Encourage students to value all ideas, to capture as many ideas as they can, to go wild, and

to think unconventionally. Students can sketch, draw, or write. They are to record their ideas, build

on them, and combine them.

To wrap up the individual brainstorming session, instruct students to select and circle the top two

ideas they want to share with their team. They will need to be ready to communicate and justify

their choice using one of the following sentence stems:

The idea I’m most excited about is . . . because . . .

The idea which is most likely to succeed is . . . because . . .

Based on my research and understanding, I think we should . . .

The goal of the app is . . .

To appeal to the user, I think we should . . .

a problem and audience before leaving this phase. Consider requiring students submit this


Allow students to observe and explore apps at this time to support their brainstorming.


are you trying to solve?

Do apps that solve this problem already exist? If so, how is your app unique?

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