Challenge 10:

Equitable Access to Safe Food


Use your Internet browser to search for resources using the key terms “ways to reduce wasted

food, “how do coolers work,” “how to build a cooler,” “best coolers for [YYYY]” where YYYY

represents the current year, or “thermal performance comparisons of coolers.”


Suggested search keywords:

graph, temperature graph


Suggested search keywords:

how to use a thermometer

Texas Career Check

Suggested search keywords:

food science technicians, food scientists and technologists

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Suggested search keywords:

how to create a user manual


Use your Internet browser to search for videos to show during class using the terms “how to

keep food cold without electricity,” “how to build a refrigerator,” ”how to make drawings to scale,”

“how to create an instructional manual,” or “food engineer.” Conduct this search prior to class to

verify the content is appropriate for the class and the challenge.


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