© Region 4 Education Service Center. All rights reserved. 36 Words with a /k/ Sound Unit 2 Read the word to students twice and then allow time for students to process the word by breaking the sounds apart. After students have written the word, read the sentence and repeat the word again as students check their work. Reading the sentence while students are writing will interfere with them breaking apart and hearing the sounds. kid kid 1. (Pause) The little kid was playing in the dirt. kid kind kind 2. (Pause) I like that kind of apple. kind keep keep 3. (Pause) I keep my money in my bank. keep can can 4. (Pause) Can you come over? can clap clap 5. (Pause) We clap at the end of a play. clap cash cash 6. (Pause) Mother did not have any cash . cash cup cup 7. (Pause) Dad drinks a cup of coffee every day. cup cook cook 8. (Pause) I can cook scrambled eggs. cook kite kite 9. kite in the park. kite kept kept 10. (Pause) He kept the toy and would not give it back. kept Pretest—Words with a /k/ Sound cut cut 11. (Pause) A knife can cut things. cut is is 12. (Pause) The cat is in the tree. is Review Words—Optional come come 13. (Pause) Can you come to my house? come key key 14. (Pause) I have a key to my house. key could could 15. (Pause) I could run faster than anyone else. could Challenge Words—Optional Day 1—Introduce Pretest Introduction of Rule and Word List Self-Assessment Day 2—Word Study/ Vocabulary Question and Answer Dictionary Skills Complete the Sentences Day 3—Practice Writing the /k/ Sound Spelling Words Your Words Day 4—Writing Letter Swap Correcting the Writing Writing Your Own Story Day 5—Apply Post-Test Practice Reading My Words Notebook Materials Teacher Cards Student Cards Cardstock Paper* Markers* Scissors* Sentence Strips* *Reinforcement/Extension Activities This Week
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