UNIT 5: Earth and Space, Part 2
Lesson 3: Alternative Energy Resources
Facilitation Question
How did
your group make the pinwheel turn? Answers will vary and may include
blowing on the blades of the pinwheel, pouring water on the blades of the
pinwheel, and gently striking the blades of the pinwheel on the edge of a desk or
Teacher Instruction
Read and discuss “Natural Resources.”
Ask: Why is exploring alternative energy resources important? The amount
of available fossil fuels is limited. Fossil fuels are not easily replaced.
Ask: What did the toothpicks and marshmallows in the Engage activity
represent? The toothpicks and marshmallows represented natural
Ask: Which material represented a nonrenewable resource? Why? The
marshmallows represented a nonrenewable resource because they could
not be easily replaced.
Read and discuss “Alternative Energy Resources.”
Ask: Which material could have represented an alternative energy resource
in the Engage activity? Answers will vary according to which material the
students thought to use. Possible responses could include sticky tack, clay,
and play dough.
Let’s Explain!
Pages 128–132
Natural Resources
Natural resources are things found in the natural world that are
useful to people. Some of those useful resources are found in
Earth’s crust.
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