Independent Planning

After they have finished their research, instruct

students to create a sketch of their individual

ideas. Remind students to include details such

as labels, measurements, and explanations of

how each part functions.

Instruct students to think about one of the

sentence stems below and complete the


I think my team could solve this problem

by . . .

My idea for solving this problem . . .

Based on my research and understanding,

I think we should . . .


Team Planning

Facilitate consensus building and planning,

encourage engagement, and support detailed

sketching. Remind students to use the

sentence stems provided during independent


Provide a clean sheet of paper for each team

to record their final plan.

Provide feedback to student teams on their

final design and plan.

Assist teams in managing roles and help team

members understand their responsibilities

within the challenge.

Allow Materials Managers to collect the

materials for their team.

Observe teams to assess their collaboration,

creativity, critical thinking, communication,

resiliency, and application of content



Project Manager

Quality Control Manager

Construction Manager

Materials Manager


What did you learn from your research?

Which idea or combination of ideas will the

team use?

Which materials would be best for your design?

How will you measure the temperature inside

the prototype?

Where might heat move in or out of your

prototype? Is there something you can do to

prevent this heat transfer?

What materials do you need?


What did you learn from your research?

How have others solved this problem?

What are your ideas to solve this problem?

Which of the materials would be best for



Our plan for solving this problem is . . .

We will need the following materials . . .

The steps we will take are . . .

Our role assignments are . . .

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