Suggested Resources ARTICLE Truelove, A., Bradford, A., & Broude, S. (2018, February 12). Trash in America: Moving from destructive consumption to a zero-waste system [Website article]. Retrieved from https://
VIDEOS Use your Internet browser to search for videos to show during class using the terms “turning trash into treasure,” “sea-saving art,” “plastic art,” or “recycling trash.” Conduct this search prior to class to verify the content is appropriate for the class and the challenge.
BOOKS Beaty, A. (2013, September 3). Rosie Revere, engineer. New York, NY: Abrams Books for Young Readers. Kamkwamba, W., & Mealer, B. (2010, July 27). The boy who harnessed the wind. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers. Spires, A. (2014). The most magnificent thing. T onawanda, NY: Kids Can Press Ltd. Yamada, K. (2014, February 1). What do you do with an idea? Seattle, WA: Compendium, Inc.
Challenge 3: Create, Don’t Waste Grade 3
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