Challenge 3: The Disappearing Beach
Facilitate the presentation and testing process.
Test each prototype using the same process each time.
Accept and expect failure; failure is an opportunity to learn and improve.
Ask questions to help students think critically about the successes and failures of their designs.
Facilitate student reflection on their design process.
Allow t
ime for students to ask questions of each other, reflect, note, and communicate their observations. Facilitate the use of the rubric.
I observed . . .
The part(s) that work(s) is/are . . .
The part(s) that did not work is/are . . .
When we tested, we learned . . .
We know we were successful because . . .
We know our design met the criteria because . . .
When we observed other presentations, we learned . . .
To make our coastal erosion prevention system better, we can . . .
What materials did your team choose?
Did your coastal erosion system protect the beach as intended?
Based on your measurements and observations (height of the sand and the before and after drawings or photos), how did the beach change due to erosion?
What worked well?
What could be improved or done differently?
Prior to testing, students draw a sketch or
picture of their beach model. The Project
Manager should measure and record the
height of the sand before conducting the
simulations. As the teacher follows the
steps below to simulate erosion by water
and wind and storm surge, students will
observe and record what happens to the
1. Instruct the Project Manager to measure the height of the sand.
2. Place the plastic lid into the water.
3. Move the plastic lid back and forth to simulate waves for 30 seconds, increasing the intensity of the waves every 10 seconds.
4. Instruct the team to observe and record any changes to the beach, including a sketch or photo.
5. Instruct the Construction Manager to measure and pour 500 mL of water into the ocean to simulate the storm surge.
6. Instruct the Quality Control Manager to measure the height of the sand. Remind the team to observe and record any changes to the beach, including a sketch or photo.
Each student should have before and after
sketches or photos of their beach model
after conducting each simulation.
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