Table of Contents

Introduction x

How to Use This Book xiii

How to Use This Book xiii Planning for Option One: Teaching, Testing, Reviewing xiv Planning for Option Two: Benchmark Testing, Teaching, Retesting xix Planning for Option Three: Test Prep for Summative Assessments xxiii Planning Calendar for Options 1–3 xxvii

Unit One: Our Infamous Past 1

Themed Passages 3 o Moonshine (Drama) o What It Means to Be Colored in the Capital of the United States
(Literary Nonfiction)
o Benedict Arnold in Williamsburg (Expository) o Custer and Other Poems (Poetry) o Executive Order 9066 (Expository) Big Ideas and Key Questions 28 Skills-Based Vocabulary 30 Suggested Literary Extensions 31 Listening and Speaking Applications 34 Technology Applications 36 Research Applications 39 STAAR
-Compatible Formatted Assessment 41

Unit Two: Heroes 99

Themed Passages 101 o With Malice toward None (Literary) o An Interview with the Apollo 11 Crew (Expository) o The Story of the Heroes of Flight 93 (Expository) o Navy SEAL Team Six (Expository) Big Ideas and Key Questions 125 Skills-Based Vocabulary 128 Suggested Literary Extensions 129 Listening and Speaking Applications 132
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