Lesson 1: Animals
UNIT 6: Life Science, Part 2
Possible science notebook entry: Animals are living things. Animals need food, water,
and shelter to grow. Animals can be different sizes
and colors.
Elaborate Materials
For each student
RM 1
liquid glue
broom bristles
brown felt
craft feathers
plastic shopping
small plastic
contact paper
small sequins
Advance Preparation
Cut 5 cm x 5 cm pieces from the plastic bags, one for each student.
Cut 5 cm x 5 cm pieces of felt, one for each student.
Cut one piece from the small plastic cups that will cover the turtle shell.
Cut broom bristles for each student.
Divide the felt, feathers, and sequins for each student.
Distribute the materials before the activity or be prepared to distribute them
during the lesson.
Teacher Note Teacher Note
The plastic cup piece may not remain
glued to the page. Contact paper could
also be used for the turtle shell and
toothpicks could be used in place of the
broom bristles for the porcupine.
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