A Word to the Teacher
Throughout Gateways, students are required to maintain a written science notebook
or interactive notebook. Lessons are written so that the teacher guides students to
record their thoughts, observations, collected data, drawings, and other information
on a regular basis.
The teacher edition is divided into the following six major units:
Physical Science, Part 1
Physical Science, Part 2
Earth Science, Part 1
Earth Science, Part 2
Life Science, Part 1
Life Science, Part 2
Student Readers
The Gateways Kindergarten kit includes several student readers designed to
engage students in science content and support reading in the content area.
Each student reader contains text and pictures to be used as explanations and
reinforcements for the learning that will take place during the lessons. The Gateways
Kindergarten kit includes three student copies of each student reader for use by
individual students or in centers. The student readers are designed to be used in
conjuction with the activities for maximum experience and success in science.
Photo Cards
The photo cards included in the kit are for use with lessons and for facilitating class
discussion. Instructions for use are provided in the teacher edition.
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