UNIT 4 TE 4.1 E 4.1 DNA: THE MOLECULE OF LIFE Cut one zipper into five or six smaller pieces on each side. These will represent free-floating nucleotides. Label each smaller plastic piece with the appropriate nucleotide label . Leave the other zipper uncut. The uncut zipper represents the template of DNA. Use the permanent marker to label the nitrogen base letters on the outside of the DNA template. For example, on one side label A, C, G, T, C. The other side will then be labeled T, G, C, A, G. Place the zipper and pieces into pint-size resealable plastic bags to ease distribution to students. Materials: 15 Gallon-size resealable plastic bags with two-color zipper 15 Pint-size resealable plastic bags Fine-point permanent marker Scissors Reading to Learn Put students into groups of two. Assign students to read pages 256–258. Instruct students to use the QAR reading strategy and answer the questions embedded in the text in their journals. Distribute a plastic bag containing model parts to each pair of students.
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