UNIT 4 TE 4.1 D 4.1 DNA: THE MOLECULE OF LIFE This activity is best suited for each student to have a computer to research and complete the WebQuest. If this is not possible, then pair students together. Visit the web page http://www.dnai.org. Begin class with a discussion of the scientific process as a prereading strategy. Limit discussion to 10 minutes. Have students think about the question: Since 1981, scientists have known that HIV causes AIDS. Why would it be such a huge milestone to discover a cure for AIDS? Ask students to think about steps scientists have made in the search for a cure for AIDS. Distribute BLMs 124–125. Assign students to computers. Direct students to record answers to questions in their journals. After students complete the WebQuest, relate the importance of discovering DNA’s structure to finding a cure for AIDS. EXPLAIN– Part 2, page 254 Reading to Learn Have students use their preferred method for note taking. Instruct students to record notes in their journals. Have students construct a concept map that illustrates the main ideas from the WebQuest and reading. Conduct a whole-group discussion. Ask students to share their understanding of the WebQuest and reading. ELABORATE , page 256 Group Activity: Modeling DNA Replication Advance Preparation: Cut the zipper off both gallon-size resealable plastic bags. Do not discard the zippers.
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