TE 358 TE 4.1 B UNIT 4 Procedure: Have students read the opening paragraphs on page 250 and ask them to think about what parts of the cell must be opened to release DNA from cells. Have them share their ideas with a partner and then the class. Explain to students that the cell membrane and nucleus must be opened before DNA can be extracted from cells. Direct students to follow the procedures to extract DNA from the split green peas and their own cheek cells. Note: You may elect to use BLMs 115–117 for students to use in place of their textbooks. EXPLORE , page 253 Group Lab Activity: Modeling the Structure of DNA Advance Preparation: Part A Make 15 color copies of BLMs 118–121 on white cardstock paper. If possible, laminate each page before cutting out the shapes. Cut out each shape and place three of each shape into a sandwich-size resealable plastic bag for each pair of students. Part B Cut the boot lace in half and tie a knot at the cut end. Prepare a small bag of plastic beads with 15 beads of each color. Add the two cut pieces of boot laces to each bag. Materials: 30 Plastic resealable sandwich bags Plastic pony beads in four colors (red, blue, green, yellow), approximately 200 beads of each color 7 Pairs nylon boot laces (54” cut in half) BLM 118, Adenine Nucleotide BLM 119, Cytosine Nucleotide BLM 120, Guanine Nucleotide BLM 121, Thymine Nucleotide BLMs 122–123, Modeling the Structure of DNA Trans 31, DNA Model
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