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Gateways to Biology utilizes a less-is-more approach that maximizes opportunity for student learning of the specific concepts and processes mandated by the 2010 TEKS for biology. This Region 4 product features a full-color student edition organized around thematic units within a spiraling curriculum. More than 50% of the teacher’s instructional time is based on hands-on experiences, making learning fun and interesting for today’s students. In addition, research-based literacy strategies are embedded to help meet the needs of the struggling reader.

The Instructional Plan includes complete alignment among curriculum, instruction, and assessment; complete 5E instructional model lessons for teaching all core concepts and processes; and instructional time delineated and sequenced to provide maximum opportunitites for conceptual development.

Assessments include performance tasks, chapter tests, five curriculum-based assessment aligned to TEKS-based 5E instructional model lessons, and one biology EOC simulation based on the Biology EOC blueprint.

For a sample lesson, download Chapter 4.1 DNA: The Molecule of Life.