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STAAR Review to Go: Science for Grade 4 is a student-centered review resource that supports the Science TEKS taught in grade 4 and assessed on the grade 5 STAAR® exam. Having students who enter fifth grade with a solid knowledge of science allows fifth-grade teachers to dig deeper into the content and allows students to better master it. The grade 5 STAAR exam is cumulative and assesses supporting TEKS from both third and fourth grades.

Designed to increase student achievement, each activity fits into a file folder, making these convenient for use on demand in small intervention groups, stations, or review sessions. Each review folder activity includes the following:

  • Key questions to help students focus on the topic
  • Student tasks to engage learners
  • Literacy components to promote processing and real-world connections
  • STAAR-format assessment items for practice

For grade 4, teachers can use these activities to review, reteach, or spiral back to previously taught concepts. For grade 5, teachers can use these activities for 1–2 days or for up to 2 weeks as review activities before the STAAR exam in science class. The activities can also be used as Saturday review sessions or during tutorials. 

Each activity is TEKS based and may be used to enrich Tier I instruction or as a review at the rigor outlined by the TEKS. Each review activity is designed to take 15–30 minutes and fit in a file folder to create a convenient and engaging review resource. 

This book includes 10 folder activities. To print card sorts and student pages two-sided, download the PDFs within the activities. You must own the book and have an active digital license to access this feature.