information they will be able to process. Think of how many words they could

master by graduation.

Vocabulary acquisition is not isolated to one content area. It requires time

and effort in all subjects. Intertwining and relating content areas is an

effective way to expose learners to science vocabulary from an early age.

Continuing this practice is critical for students’ success as they age. For

example, use reading passages in an English course that address science

content. Focus on teaching measurement and conversions in math and

science using the same, consistent language. Know how to align the teaching

of social studies and science concepts. All of these actions contribute to

students learning science vocabulary.

One of the biggest challenges teachers face is how to tackle vocabulary words.

How do we help students commit vocabulary words to memory?

How do we choose vocabulary words with the greatest impact on

student learning?

How do we teach vocabulary words to all students?

These questions and more will be answered in this book.

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