What is Engaging Mathematics, Volume I: Kindergarten?

An instructional resource featuring 85 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
(TEKS)-based, classroom-ready mathematics activities that each take approximately
10 to 15 minutes to complete.

A TEKS-based resource that addresses the majority of the
kindergarten mathematics TEKS and provides—
Rigorous problem-solving tasks;
Manipulative-based tasks;
Vocabulary development tasks; and
Sorting and classifying tasks.

A resource that supports high-quality, research-based practices by providing activities
that can be used for various purposes, including—

Engaging warm-ups and opening tasks that draw students into relevant
and challenging mathematics;
Instructional support for all students to help learners articulate, refine, and retain
important mathematical concepts, processes, and skills;
Short-cycle, formative assessments that provide immediate and ongoing
feedback to guide instruction for the teacher and learning for the student; and
Supplemental tasks to support intervention strategies.

A resource that incorporates the mathematical process standards by
Reasoning, generalizing, and problem-solving in
mathematical and real-world contexts;
Modeling, using tools, and connecting
Analysis; and

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