A resource that focuses on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
(TEKS) identified as readiness standards while integrating appropriate
supporting standards and science processes and skills.


A resource that provides opportunities for rigorous science
conversations while providing support for students at varying levels of


A resource that provides support for English language learners and
struggling students through Tier I differentiated activities; scaffolds for
the activities, such as graphic organizers; and facilitation questions.


A resource that supports teachers through clear procedures and
facilitation questions designed to assist students with processing
science concepts. This resource also includes teacher notes to aid in
clarifying misconceptions learners may have about a concept.


A resource of classroom-ready 5E lessons. Student-centered Engage
bridges students’ prior knowledge or encourages interest in deeper
exploration of the concepts in the lesson. Explore is an opportunity to
“do science,” providing a common experience for all students to which
they can tie concepts and vocabulary. In Explain, students formalize the
scientific ideas from Explore with a focus on academic vocabulary as
well as procedures related to the concepts. Elaborate allows students
to apply or extend their understanding of the concepts in the lesson. In
addition, an intervention strategy is suggested in each Elaborate.
Evaluate consists of four selected-response items and one open-ended
response question that can be used to assess student understanding.

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