Warm Up to Science:
TEKS-Based Engagement Activities for Grade 4
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81: Population Decline
Reporting Category
4: Organisms and Environments
4.9B: The student is expected to describe the flow of energy through food
webs, beginning with the Sun, and predict how changes in the ecosystem affect
the food web such as a fire in a forest.
All of the animals depend on the trees for energy. The trees could be diseased
and dying, removing a major food source from the web. Humans could be
building a housing development where the food web is located. This could lead
to the removal of trees, which also would remove the food source. Animals
would either die of starvation or relocate to find an alternate food source.
Teacher Notes
Food webs are introduced in fourth grade. Students begin learning about food
and interdependence in first grade (TEKS 1.9C).
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