Interactive Notebooks

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The Gateways to Science Companion Guides series is a pedagogically focused science resource designed to assist educators in the development of research-based best practices. Each guide provides instructional methods to build students’ science content knowledge and improve comprehension of science concepts. Designed to assist educators in the development of best practices specific to the science classroom, these strategies are effective whether a teacher is using Gateways to Science or other resources.

Each guide helps teachers to
  • emphasize reflective learning,
  • learn implementation and management tips,
  • support instructional delivery with a literacy focus, and
  • support language development.
Gateways to Science Companion Guide: Interactive Notebooks
  • Illustrates the progression of K‒12 interactive notebooks and how to scaffold for different grades
  • Includes templates to facilitate the implementation and management of interactive notebooks in the classroom
  • Provides clarity for assessing interactive notebooks
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ISBN-13: 978-1-945615-63-4