Warm Up to Science:
TEKS-Based Engagement Activities for Grade 3
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83: What Will Happen?
Reporting Category
4: Organisms and Environments
3.9B: The student is expected to identify and describe the flow of energy in a
food chain and predict how changes in a food chain affect the ecosystem such
as removal of frogs from a pond or bees from a field.
Letter C is the most likely answer. If the grasshoppers’ food source is depleted
or goes away, the grasshoppers will die or move to another location to find
Teacher Notes
Letters A and B are possible answers. However, students must be able to
select the best answer from good answers.
As an option, label each corner of the room with a different letter, A–D. Instruct
students to move to the corner of the room labeled with the answer they agree
with most. Ask each group to explain why they chose their answer. Allow
students to move to a different group if their answers change as they hear other
groups’ explanations.
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