To: Reading by Design Interventionists

From: Jan Cook, MEd, Dyslexia Specialist, Region 4

Mary Yarus, ME., LDT, CALT, Dyslexia Specialist, Region 4

Jennifer Brock, EdD, Director of Reading/Language Arts Department, Region 4

RE: Guidance for Using Reading by Design for Dyslexia Intervention Virtually

Date: August 1, 2020

Based on current TEA guidelines for returning to school, this document includes updated guidance
regarding dyslexia intervention efforts, specifically as it relates to the use of Reading by Design.

Although teaching dyslexia intervention lessons in a virtual environment is not ideal, students must
receive intervention regardless of their current setting. Furthermore, The Texas Dyslexia Handbook
outlines the standards for implementation of dyslexia intervention programs with fidelity. On page 39 of
the handbook, the criteria for Standard Protocol Dyslexia Instruction is listed as:

-based and effective for students with dyslexia;

taught by an appropriately trained instructor; and

Please note that the introduction to new material from Reading by Design is only possible with the
explicit, systematic instruction from the appropriately trained instructor. Fidelity of instruction
necessitates teacher and student interaction for active engagement of the student and immediate
feedback and progress monitoring from the teacher.

Teachers are allowed to scan the reproducible masters needed for each virtual lesson to provide to
students. Only student pages should be scanned and sent to students. This is only permissible from
August 2020 until face-to-face classes resume for the students. These pages are not to be stored on
internally accessible servers, public folders, or on websites. Reading decks, spelling decks, and other
ancillary materials should not be scanned. Keep in mind that these materials are the intellectual
property of Region 4 and are copyrighted materials.

Recorded lessons are not recommended since the necessary interaction with students would be missing,
therefore nullifying the fidelity to the program. This includes recordings of teachers using the reading

If there are questions about appropriate practice or acceptable use of Reading by Design materials,

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