What is Mathematics STAAR
Workstations Volume 2?

Mathematics STAAR
Workstations Volume 2 is a student-centered review resource to be used to
address the Mathematics TEKS that, based on current data, have proven challenging for students.
Each workstation is TEKS-based and may be used to enrich Tier I instruction or as a review at the
rigor outlined by the TEKS.

Each review workstation is designed to take 15-20 minutes and fit in a single file folder to create a
convenient and engaging review resource. These workstations may be used in a variety of
structures, including differentiated review during class, review sessions, and tutorials.

Using Mathematics STAAR
Workstations Folders
A folder format provides flexible options for review. The following are examples of ways to use the
Individualized Review: Students complete workstations that target their area(s) of greatest
need based on formative assessment data.
Review Stations: Student groups work through each folder and note any topics they find
confusing or for which they need further review. The teacher monitors student discussions to
assess for misconceptions. These points for review can be addressed individually or as a class
to make the best use of class time.
Whole Class Review: During one class period, the class works in small groups through the
same review workstation folder(s) and debriefs together.

Creating Mathematics STAAR
Workstations Folders
To create the review workstations in this resource, you will need the following materials:
Access to a copy machine and/or printer
Envelopes and resealable plastic bags
File folders, preferably a different color for each Reporting Category
Packing tape
Glue sticks
Hook-and-loop dots

Follow these steps to create each Mathematics STAAR
Workstations folder:
1. Read through the Teacher Notes and gather the materials for the workstation.
2. Print the Labels, Instructions, Task Cards, and Student Answer Keys. You may access the
digital files and choose to print in color or black and white. Access digital files at
http://r4hub.esc4.net using your login information.
3. Cut out the Labels, Instructions, Task Cards, and Student Answer Keys, and attach each to
the folder. You may choose to follow the sample layout provided in the Teacher Notes or
organize the folder in a way that meets the needs of your students.
4. Print copies of the student pages. These are designed to be consumables for students to use
as a study guide.

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