What is Engaging Mathematics, Volume I: Algebra II?

An instructional resource featuring 77 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
(TEKS)-based, classroom-ready mathematics activities that each take approximately
10 to 15 minutes to complete. We took the best activities of the original series, refreshed
and revised them, and then added new activities where needed to create a collection of
activities that can be used throughout the year.

A TEKS-based resource that addresses all of the Algebra II TEKS.
Engaging Mathematics, Volume I complements teachers existing
resources and provides—
Rigorous problem-solving tasks;
Manipulative-based tasks;
Vocabulary development tasks; and
Sorting and classifying tasks.

A resource that supports high-quality, research-based practices by providing activities
that can be used for various purposes, including—

Engaging warm-ups and opening tasks that draw students into relevant
and challenging mathematics;
Instructional support for all students to help learners articulate, refine, and retain
important mathematical concepts, processes, and skills;
Short-cycle, formative assessments that provide immediate and ongoing
feedback to guide instruction for the teacher and learning for the student; and
Supplemental tasks to support intervention strategies.

A resource that incorporates the mathematical process standards by
Reasoning, generalizing, and problem-solving in
mathematical and real-world contexts;
Modeling, using tools, and connecting
Analysis; and

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