© Region 4 Education Service Center. All rights reserved. 11 Unit 2 Question and Answer— Write the word that is the answer to each question. What is another word for a small child? 1. //////// What flies in the sky but does not have wings? 2. ////// What do you call someone who makes food? 3. ////// What do you call a person who is nice? 4. //////// What is another name for money? 5. ///////// Spelling Words kid kind keep can clap cash cup cook kite kept Dictionary Skills Look up the word cup in the dictionary. Fill in the missing information in the dictionary entry below. cup / k u p / 1. //////////////// 2. //////////////// Complete the Sentences Fill in the blank with a spelling word. I 1. //////////// my hands together. I do not want it; you can 2. /////////// it. She likes to drink out of a 3. /////////// . Chris 4. //////////// the secret.
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