What is Closing the Distance?
A resource that serves as an intervention for students who are close to
success on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness
A resource that integrates related TEKS to provide a review of
mathematics concepts and skills, paired with opportunities for
rigorous mathematical discourse
A resource of classroom-ready 5E activities that keeps students engaged
in a positive, productive manner through strategies, including modeling,
card sorts, matching, cooperative learning, and analysis of student work
A resource that provides an opportunity for students to track
their progress with an analysis of strengths and areas to
improve within each lesson
A resource that includes a pre-assessment to provide teachers and
students quick and timely information on student readiness for the
activities in the lesson and identifies students that may benefit from
a small-group intervention setting
A resource that includes teacher-led interventions for
students who may struggle with specific content
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