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Accelerated Intervention, Algebra I Series

How do we reteach students in a meaningful way? How do we focus learning on targeted areas of need when students have already received instruction?

Each module in the series features a different focus and four lessons, with the final lesson serving as a cumulative lesson that connects the content of the previous lessons to support students as they put together pieces of understanding.

Module 1: Functions and Their Representations
Module 2: Describing Linear, Quadratic and Exponential Functions
Module 3: Describing and Graphing Linear Functions and Equations
Module 4: Writing and Solving Equations and Inequalities

The Accelerated Intervention Algebra I series teacher edition includes

  • teacher lesson notes and answer keys,
  • activities to engage students as they rethink their misconceptions and deepen their understanding,
  • focused skills practice for each lesson, and
  • activity masters and student pages.

The student edition provides all student activity pages and is sold in sets of 30.

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