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What Is Accelerated Intervention, Algebra I?
A resource that serves as an intervention for students who have
not been successful on STAAR
, Algebra I
An intervention resource that provides opportunities for
rigorous mathematical conversations while providing supports
for students at varying levels of readiness
An intervention resource that engages students through strategies including
cooperative learning, card sorts or matching, and analysis of student work
An intervention resource that provides an opportunity for
students to track their progress with analysis of strengths and
areas to improve within a culminating lesson
An intervention resource of classroom-ready 5E lessons. The Engage phase of
each lesson consists of a student-centered activity that either bridges from
students’ prior knowledge or encourages interest in deeper exploration of the
concepts in the lesson. The Explore phase of each lesson provides students
with an opportunity to “do mathematics” and begin to formulate ideas and
conjectures. In the Explain phase of each lesson, students formalize the
mathematical ideas from the Explore phase with a focus on academic
vocabulary, as well as procedures related to the concepts. The Elaborate
phase of each lesson allows students to apply or extend their understanding
of the concepts in the lesson with additional practice problems. The Evaluate
phase consists of four selected-response or griddable items that can be used
to assess student understanding. Skills focus activities have been included for
students who need additional practice.
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