457 Appendix Science Journal Description A science journal is much more than just a notebook. It is a place you record your experimental data, notes from research and discussions, and reflections and summaries about what you observe and learn. Your science journal is a tool to show what you know and are able to do in this science course. It provides a visible, permanent record of your thinking and learning. The format of your journal will allow you to interact with the content and concepts you learn by organizing classroom activities on the right side pages and your reflections of learning on the left side pages. You are expected to follow these guidelines and any others presented by your teacher. 1. All writing is neat and legible. 2. Pages are not lost or torn out. 3. Mistakes are erased or drawn through with one line. 4. All journal entries begin with the appropriate date and title. 5. Creativity, curiosity, and thinking are evident. 6. Artwork is relevant to the topic and tasteful in nature. The left side of your journal may consist of: Drawings Poems Cartoons Analogies from readings Articles from newspaper or Internet Concept maps/flow charts Reflections Word puzzles The right side of your journal will consist of: Engage activities Lab activities Handouts Notes from reading Notes from lecture Graphic organizers Assignments Quizzes Tests Appendix
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