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5Es over World Cultures Social Studies STAAR® Preparation for Grade 6, Volume 2 offers vital components of Contemporary World Cultures in series of conceptually designed instructional plans which address the Grade 6 Social Studies Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Each instructional plan varies in duration, addresses multiple concepts and skills, and features activities that develop analytical thinking skills aligned to Grade 8 American History and high school U.S. History processing standards. 5Es over World Cultures incorporates high-yield instructional strategies, facilitation questions, and discussion points within the 5E format, and includes research-based, student-centered instructional strategies for diverse learners. The digital instructional resources included with this product contains student activity pages, graphics, selected-response assessment items, performance assessments, rubrics, and answer keys.

Product ID: 461-1908
ISBN: 978-1-945615-99-3