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5 Es over Texas Social Studies STAAR® Preparation for Grade 7 offers vital foundational components of Texas history to support content assessed on Social Studies STAAR®. 5 Es over Texas provides instructional activities and multiple forms of assessment to monitor student progress.

Each of the 32 instructional plans varies in duration and addresses multiple Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) items. Various sections of STAAR® are addressed, with one of the four reporting categories featured as a major focus in every instructional plan.

5 Es over Texas features:

  • 32 teacher-ready instructional plans written in the student-centered 5E format
  • Alignment to the reporting categories for Grade 8 and U.S. History STAAR®
  • Instructional plans addressing all of the current Grade 7 Texas History TEKS
  • CD featuring student activity pages, graphics, assessment items, and answer keys
  • Facilitation and discussion questions
  • Implementation of high-yield instructional strategies
  • Corresponding selected-response and performance assessments with performance assessment rubric to measure student understanding

Product ID: 461-1553