Teaching Biology with E's

Engaging, ready-to-use, biology lessons at the rigor of the TEKS

Stop spending hours on end pulling from various resources to plan interesting biology lessons. Teaching Biology with E’s provides teachers with complete 5 E lessons that will engage the brain, spark curiosity and discussions, and ultimately get students to learn and love science. See your class come alive with excitement through the use of thoughtfully designed lessons.

Teaching Biology with E’s: Student-Centered 5E Lessons is a resource of classroom-ready, student-centered 5 E lessons for all biology students. Each lesson is based on current STAAR® data and designed at the rigor outlined by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, addressing either readiness or supporting standards, while integrating appropriate science process skills. An at-a-glance outline summarizes the lesson description, the depth of knowledge level, content and language objectives, recommended formative assessment, and estimated time for lesson completion.

Each lesson incorporates research-based best practices that have been proven to enhance student achievement for all learners. Strategies in these lessons support cooperative learning, literacy, building academic language, and formative assessment as well as graphic organizers and interactive notebook strategies, which increase students’ abilities to understand content and master academic vocabulary.

Lessons are designed to support diverse biology students, including English language learners and struggling learners through Tier 1 differentiated activities. Embedded scaffolds promote student choice so all learners can demonstrate mastery of content.

Teaching Biology with E’s: Student-Centered 5 E Lessons are provided individually as a digital download. Copyright allows the teacher who purchased the lesson to make copies of materials for their own students.

For more information, please contact science@esc4.net.